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Jacob Philipp Hackert

(Prenzlau 1737 - San Pietro di Careggi 1807)

The Volturno with the Ponte Margherita, near Caserta, with a Herdsman Resting and Peasants on a Path

Jacob Philipp Hackert

(Prenzlau 1737 - San Pietro di Careggi 1807)

Lake Nemi from the North, with the Town of Nemi and the Town of Genzano beyond, with a Donkey and Travellers on a Path in the Foreground

John Frederick Herring Jnr

(Doncaster 1815 - Doncaster 1907)

A Corner of the Farm

Nicholas Pocock

(Bristol 1741 - Maidenhead 1821)

The Burning of the Russian 74-gun Sewolod After she had been Engaged and Silenced by HMS Implacable, Captain T. Byam Martin, in the Baltic, 26 August, 1808


Lucas van Valckenborch

(Leuven c.1530 - Frankfurt am Main 1597)

A Panoramic Mountain Landscape, with a City, possibly Frankfurt, beyond

Carel de Moor

(Leiden 1656 - Warmond 1738)

Portrait of a Gentleman, Probably a Self-Portrait

Flemish School, c.1535

Portrait of a Lady

Anglo-Netherlandish School Mid-Sixteenth Century

Portrait of a Gentleman, traditionally said to be Edward Seymour, 1st Duke of Somerset (c.1500-1552)

Jean-Baptiste Hilair

(Auden-le-Tiche 1753 - Paris after 1822)

A Roadside Coffeehouse between Milas and Bodrum, Turkey

Gerard Hoet

(Zaltbommel 1648 - The Hague 1733)

The Head of Cyrus being Presented to Queen Tomyris

Domenico Tintoretto

(Venice 1560 - Venice 1635)

Portrait of Paolo Tiepolo (1523 - 1585)

Jan de Bray

(Haarlem c.1627 - Haarlem 1697)

The Adoration of the Magi

Attributed to Adriaen Thomasz. Key

(Antwerp C.1544 - Antwerp After 1589)

St. Peter Penitent

Jan Molenaer II

(Haarlem 1654 - Haarlem, after 1684)

The Sense of Taste

Joachim Anthonisz. Wtewael

(Utrecht 1566 - Utrecht 1638)


Paris Bordone

(Treviso 1500 - Venice 1571)

Portrait of a Gentleman

Gerrit Adriaensz. Berckheyde

(Haarlem 1638 - Haarlem 1698)

A View of the the Haarlemmerhout, Haarlem

Sergei Sudeikin

(Smolensk 1882 - Nyack, New York 1946)

On the Shore of the Hudson

I. de Beer

(Dutch, active 1750 - 1777)

Tsar Peter the Great Viewing the Mock Sea Battle Held in his Honour in the IJ, off Amsterdam, 1st September 1697

Jacob Toorenvliet

(Leiden 1640 - Oegstgeest 1719)

An Allegory of the Arts, or ‘Painting being Crowned by Poetry’

David Teniers II

(Antwerp 1610 - Brussels 1690)

A Cobbler in his Workshop

Vincent Sellaer

(active in Malines before 1538 - after 1544)

The Holy Kinship

Jean-Baptiste Le Prince

(Metz 1734 - Saint-Denis-du-Port 1781)

Musician in a Russian Costume Seated by a Bed

George Clarkson Stanfield

(London 1828 - London 1878)

A View of Dinant, Belgium

Frans Snyders and Studio

(Antwerp 1579 - Antwerp 1657)

A Buck, a Lobster on a China Plate, a Squirrel in a Basket of Fruit, Artichokes and a Boar’s Head in a Tureen, with Birds, a White Napkin and Asparagus on a Draped Table

Olaf Viggo Peter Langer

(Rednitz, Bavaria 1860 - Rungsted, Frederiksberg, Denmark 1942)

View of the Bibi-Heybat Mosque, Baku

Christian Adolf Schreyer

(Frankfurt-am-Main 1828 - Kronberg im Taunus 1899)

Horseman on the Russian Steppe

Bartolommeo Traballesi

(Florence 1540 - Florence 1585)

Portrait of a Lady, possibly the Poet Maddalena Salvetti (1557-1610), in a Green Dress and Pearls, Standing at a Draped Table, with a Pet Squirrel

Francis Wheatley, R.A.

(London 1747 - London 1801)

Fresh Gathered Peas

Circle of Gaspar van Wittel, called Vanvitelli

(Amersfoort 1652/3 - Rome 1736)

A View of St. Peter's Basilica, Rome

Hendrick van Balen I

(Antwerp c.1575 - Antwerp 1632)

Herse and her Sisters with Mercury

School North Italian

A Capriccio of Roman Ruins with Monks & A Capriccio of Roman Ruins with an Equestrian Statue

Willem Kalf

(Rotterdam 1619 - Amsterdam 1693)

A Woman Pulling Water from a Well, a Pile of Vegetables at her Feet

Francis Cotes, R.A.

(London 1726 - Richmond 1770)

Portrait of Maria Walpole, Countess Waldegrave, Later H.R.H. Duchess of Gloucester and Edinburgh (1736-1807)

Adraen Frans Boudewijns

(Brussels 1664 - Brussels 1711)

An Extensive River Landscape with Figures around a Village with a Town in the Distance & An Extensive Mountainous Landscape with Figures before a Building

School Florentine

A Portrait of a Noblewoman with a Lace Collar

Jan Frans van Bloemen, called Orizzonte

(Antwerp 1662 - Rome 1749)

The Flight into Egypt and The Rest on the Flight to Egypt

Willem van Mieris

(Leiden 1662 - Leiden 1747)

The Penitent Mary Magdalene

Gigo Gabashvili

(Tbilisi 1862 - Tsikhisdziri, Adjara 1936)

The Market

Padly Aladar

(Budapest 1881 - Veresegyhaza 1949)

Before Shah-i-Zinda, Samarkand

Nikolai Grigorievich Kotov

(Tomsk 1889 - Moscow 1968)

Before the Mosque

School Venetian

Study of a Turkish Archer, Bust-Length

Franz de Paula Ferg

(Vienna 1689 - London 1740)

A Classical Landscape with a Family Resting by the Ruins of a Fountain, a Man with a Pack-Donkey Passing by

Lambert Sustris

(Amsterdam c.1510 - Venice c.1560)

Perseus and Andromeda

Dionijs Verburgh

(Rotterdam c.1655 - 1722)

A Town in a Hilly Landscape with a River and Several Figures

Philippe de Momper

(Antwerp 1598 - Antwerp 1634)

Landscape by a Riverside Town, said to be Treviso

Matthias Withoos

(Amersfoort 1627 - Hoorn 1703)

Capriccio of the Forum, Rome, with the Arch of Constantine and the Coliseum in the Background

Hendrick Bogaert

(Amsterdam 1626/7 - After 1674)

A Still Life of Earthenware Pots, Barrels, Baskets, Jugs, an Earthenware Plate with Fish together with Ducks in a Barn

Gianantonio Guardi

(Vienna 1699 - Venice 1760)

The Flight into Egypt

Jan Siberechts

(Antwerp 1627 - London 1703)

A Wooded Landscape with Peasants in a Horse-Drawn Cart Travelling Down a Flooded Road

Konstantin Ivanovich Gorbatov

(Stavropol 1876 - Berlin 1945)

Sailing Boats on the Volga

Salomon van Ruysdael

(Naarden 1600/3 - Haarlem 1670)

A Wooded Landscape with Travellers by an Inn

Abraham Blommaert

(Middelburg 1626 - Middelburg c.1675)

Elegant Hunting Company

Jan Brueghel II

(Antwerp 1601 - Antwerp 1678)

Flora Seated in a Wooded Landscape and Surrounded by Flowers

Joos de Momper II

(Antwerp 1564 - Antwerp 1635)

Christ Healing the Blind Man

Count Xavier de Maistre

(Chambéry 1763 - St. Petersburg 1852)

The Departure & The Farewell

Baron Mikhail Konstantinovich Klodt von Jurgensburg

(St Petersburg 1832 - St Petersburg 1902)

Under the Birch Trees

Jan Hackaert

(Amsterdam 1628 - Amsterdam 1685)

A Wooded Landscape with a Shepherd and his Herd on a Path near a Puddle

Abraham Jansz. Begeyn

(Leiden 1637 - Berlin 1697)

An Italianate Landscape with a Herdsman and his Cattle Resting near a Tree

Karel Dujardin

(Amsterdam 1622 - Venice 1678)

A Horseman Holding a Roemer of Wine with an Ostler Tending the Horses

Wouter Verschuur

(Amsterdam 1812 - Vorden 1874)

A Moment of Rest

Reinier Nooms, called Zeeman

(Amsterdam 1623 - Amsterdam 1664)

Shipping before a Mediterranean Coast with a Fortified Town near a Cliff

Cornelis van Poelenburch

(Utrecht 1595 - Utrecht 1667)

The Martyrdom of Saint Lawrence

Simon Jacobsz de Vlieger

(Rotterdam 1600 - Weesp 1653)

A Wooded Landscape with a Flock of Sheep on a Track

Joos van Craesbeeck

(Neerlinter 1605 - Brussels 1661)

An Interior of an Inn with a Peasant Smoking a Pipe and a Soldier Drinking, other Figures Smoking and Drinking in the Background

Julius von Blaas

(Austrian 1845 - 1922)

Taking the Horses to Water

Elias van den Broeck

(Antwerp 1650 - Amsterdam 1708)

A Forest Floor Landscape with a Thistle, Fungi, Moths, a Lizard and Snakes

Edmund Bristow

(Eton 1787 - Windsor 1876)

The Turk’s Head Inn, Eton

Paul von Franken

(Bad Godesberg 1818 - Dusseldorf 1884)

Caucasian Landscape

James Digman Wingfield

(British 1800 - 1872)

The Opening of the Great Exhibition

Julius Caesar Ibbetson

(Leeds 1759 - Masham, N. Yorks 1817)

A Landscape with Travellers in a Horse Drawn Carriage and Figures Conversing by a Track

Follower of Martin Schongauer

(Breisach 1430 - Colmar 1491)

The Crucifixion

Pieter de Molijn

(London 1595 - Haarlem 1661)

A Hilly Landscape with Wanderers at the Foot of a Castle Ruin

Attributed to Pieter Jacobs Codde,

(Amsterdam 1599 - Amsterdam 1678)

Portrait of a Young Man as Bacchus

Jacob Willemsz. de Wet I

(Haarlem c.1610 - Haarlem c.1671)

The Idolatry of Solomon

Joost Cornelisz Droochsloot

(Utrecht 1586 - Utrecht 1666)

Architectural Ruin with a Crowd

Joost Cornelisz Droochsloot

(Utrecht 1586 - Utrecht 1666)

Villagers Rejoice at the Return of a Cavalier

Benedetto Luti

(Florence 1666 - Rome 1724)

Portrait of a Young Girl

Kerstiaen de Keuninck the Elder

(Courtrai 1560 - Antwerp 1632)

Jacob’s Dream

Domenico Maggiotto

(Venice 1712 - Venice 1794)

Portrait of a Girl with a Dog

Coenraet Roepel

(The Hague 1678 - The Hague 1748)

Still Life of Grapes, Melons, Peaches, Plums and other Fruit with Morning Glory and Shafts of Wheat in a Stone Niche, with a Bunch of Grapes and Medlars Hanging Above

Cornelis Gerritsz. Decker

(Haarlem 1620 - Haarlem 1678)

Landscape with a Village Road and Figures Conversing in the Right Foreground & Landscape with a Farmyard and Figure Drawing Water from a Well, other Figures Conversing Nearby

Philips Wouwerman

(Haarlem 1619 - Haarlem 1668)

Landscape with a Hawking Party Stopped by a River

Adriaen van de Velde

(Amsterdam 1636 - Amstedam 1672)

Pastoral Landscape with Sheep and Peasants

Nikolai Nikanorovich Dubovskoy

(Novocherkassk, Russia 1859 - St. Petersburg 1918)


Aleksey Ilyich Kravchenko

(Pokrovskaya sloboda [now Engels], Saratov region 1889 - Moscow 1940)

Russian Village in the Winter

Josef Evstafievich Krachkovsky

(Warsaw 1854 - Cadenabbia, Italy 1915)

Autumn by the River, Sigula, Latvia

Maerten Stoop

(Rotterdam 1620 - Utrecht 1647)

A Card Game in a Courtyard

Attributed to Jean-Baptiste Lallemand

(Dijon 1716 - Paris 1803)

View of the Tiber, Rome, with the Castel Sant’Angelo and St. Peter’s beyond

Frederik de Moucheron

(Emden, Germany 1633 - Amsterdam 1686)

A Wooded River Landscape with a Traveller on a Track

Jacopo Vignali

(Pratovecchio 1592 - Florence 1664)

The Archangel Michael

Franz Alekseevich Roubaud

(Odessa 1856 - Munich 1928)

The Hunter's Rest

James Webb

(London c. 1825 - London 1895)

A Barge in a Norfolk Landscape

Lorenzo A. Castro

(Antwerp 1672 - 1686)

An English Man-O’War Running into a Crowded Continental Port

Helmich von Tweenhuysen II

(Amsterdam c. 1604 - Gdańsk 1673)

Portrait of a Bearded Cleric

Robert Charles Gustave Laurens Mols

(Antwerp 1848 - Antwerp 1903)

Yeni Cami Mosque

School Florentine

Portrait of Bianca Capello (1548 - 1587)

Ernest Karl Eugen Koerner

(Stibbe, Poland 1846 - Berlin 1927)

On the Golden Horn before the Sülemaniye Mosque, Constantinople

Jan Swart van Groningen

(Groningen 1500 - Antwerp 1560)

The Triumph of Silenus

Richard Karlovich Zommer

(Munich 1866 - Russia 1939)

Caravan in the Desert

Mikhail Vasilevich Nesterov

(Ufa, now in Bashkirskaya Republic of Russia 1862 - Moscow 1942)

Hayricks by the River

Workshop of Jacopo Bassano

(Bassano c.1510 - Bassano 1592)

The Return of the Prodigal Son

Johannes Lingelbach

(Frankfurt 1622 - Amsterdam 1674)

Peasants Resting Before an Inn

Emile Valentin

(French - 19 th Century )

Ships at Night, Constantinople

Frederik de Moucheron

(Emden, Germany 1633 - Amsterdam 1686)

A Hawking Party at the Foot of an Ornamental Staircase, with a Mountainous Landscape beyond

Salomon Rombouts

(Harlem active1652 - Florence 1710)

A Torrent in a Scandinavian Landscape, a House Beyond

John Frederick Herring Jnr

(Doncaster 1815 - Doncaster 1907)

Feeding Time

John Frederick Herring Jnr

(Doncaster 1815 - Doncaster 1907)

A Peaceful Day in the Farmyard

Ludwig Gedlek

(Austrian 1847 - 1904)

Mounted Cossacks

Bartholomäus Spranger

(Antwerp 1546 - Prague 1611)

The Sufferings of Christ

Jan Siberechts

(Antwerp 1627 - London 1703)

A Horse-Drawn Cart with Two Women Travelling down a Flooded Road at the Edge of a Wood

Daniël de Koninck

(Amsterdam 1668 - England 1720)

Portrait of a Man, Half-Length, Wearing a Plumed Turban and Gold Embroidered Red Cloak with a White Shawl

James Ward

(London 1769 - Cheshunt 1859)

The Runaway Wagon

Giovanni Andrea Carlone

(Genoa 1639 - Genoa 1697)

The Sacrifice of Iphigenia

Albrecht Adam

(Nördlingen 1786 - Munich 1862)

Austrian Cavalry Resting in a Village

Henri Duvieux

(Paris 1855 - 1882)


Alexander Alekseevich Borisov

(Vologda Oblast 1866 - Arkhangelsk Oblast 1934)

Encampment in the Snow

Count Matteo Lovatti

(Italian b.1861 )

The Russian Army Mobilising Behind an Observation Balloon

J Orlov

(Russian, 19th/20th Century )

Running from Wolves & A Troika in Deep Snow

Benjamin Gerritsz Cuyp

(Dordrecht 1612 - Dordrecht 1652)

Soldiers Repairing Fortifications

Lucas van Uden

(Antwerp 1595 - Antwerp 1672)

Landscape with a Cart Crossing a River

Jan Victors

(Amsterdam 1619 - East Indies 1676)

Town Folk Coming to the Country

Baron Josef Berres Perez, von

(Lemberg 1821 - Vienna 1912)

Kalmyk Wedding

George Romney

(Dalton 1734 - Kendal 1802)

Portrait of a Gentleman, Half-Length, Wearing a Dark Coat and White Stock

School Russian

A Troika in a Snowy Landscape

David Teniers II

(Antwerp 1610 - Brussels 1690)

Landscape with a Drover and his Herd by a River

John Faed R.S.A.

(Gatehouse of Fleet 1819 - Gatehouse of Fleet 1902)

Posthumus and Imogen

William Havell

(Reading 1782 - London 1857)

Sunrise on the Grand Canal of China

Jan Massys

(Antwerp c. 1509 - Antwerp c. 1575)

The Penitent Magdalene

Abraham Bloemaert

(Gorinchem 1566 - Utrecht 1651)

The Expulsion of Hagar and Ishmael

Gavril Pavlovich Kondratenko

(Penza 1854 - 1924)

Landscape at Dusk

Ludwig Gedlek

(Austrian 1847 - 1904)

Mounted Cossacks & Mounted Cossacks Discovering a Landscape

School Russian

The All-Russian Exhibition centre, Moscow

Mechislav Silvesterovich Maevsky

(Mogiliev-Podolsky District 1855 - 1883)

The Approaching Storm

School Russian

Cossacks on horseback

George Cole

(Portsmouth 1810 - London 1883)

The Close of the Day

Ivan Andreevich Ivanov

(Moscow 1812 - St. Petersburg 1848)

Evening Riverscape with Fishermen

Johann Wilhelm Jankowsky

(Austrian 1825 - 1861)

An Austrian Monastery on a River, possibly the Danube

Grigorij Ivanovich Kapustin

(Ukranian 1865 - 1925)

A Russian Merchant Brig in Rough Seas

Adolf (Constantin) Baumgartner-Stoiloff

(Linz (Austria) 1850 - Vienna 1924)

Running from the Wolves

Josef Mathauser

(Stankov 1846 - Prague 1917)

Running from Wolves

Thomas Sidney Cooper

(Canterbury 1803 - Vernon Holme 1902)

A Summer Evening

Francesco Solimena

(Canale di Serino 1657 - Barra, Napoli 1747)

St. Anne and the Virgin

Franz Alekseevich Roubaud

(Odessa 1856 - Munich 1928)

Lone Cossack Horseman

Ludvig Ludvigovich Poplavsky

(Russian 1852 - 1885)

The Mill

Richard Karlovich Zommer

(Munich 1866 - Russia 1939)

Caucasian Caravan

Frederick George Cotman

(Ipswich 1850 - Felixstowe 1920)

Boating on the Stour at Dedham

Adriaen Thomasz. Key

(Antwerp c.1544 - Antwerp after 1589)

Portrait of a Bearded Gentleman, Bust-Length, in a Black Doublet with a White Lace Ruff

Juan Pantoja de la Cruz

(Valladolid 1553 - Madrid 1608)

Portrait of a Lady of the Court of Philip III

Jan Wijnants

(Haarlem 1635 - Amsterdam 1684)

A Landscape with Peasants Conversing on a Countryside Path

Sergei Ivanovich Svetoslavsky

(Kiev 1857 - Kiev 1931)

Oriental Market Scene

Frank Stone

(Manchester 1800 - London 1859)

The Proposal

Charles Landseer

(London 1799 - London 1879)

The Census of April the 8<sup>th</sup>, 1861

John Crome

(Norwich 1768 - Norwich 1821)

A Wooded Landscape with an Oak

Richard Karlovich Zommer

(Munich 1866 - Russia 1939)

Street Traders in Samarkand

Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini

(Venice 1675 - Venice 1741)

Young Hannibal Swears Enmity to Rome

Konstantin Alexandrovich Trutovsky

(Kursk, Ukraine 1826 - Ukraine 1893)

City Travellers Being Offered Fruit at a Ukrainian Roadside Dwelling

Sante Creara

(Verona 1572 - 1620)

The Flagellation

Alexander Wilson

(Manchester 1803 - 1846)

Rush Bearing at Long Millgate, Manchester

Alexander Osipovich Orlovsky

(Warsaw 1777 - St. Petersburg 1832)

The Hay Market, St. Petersburg, 1820

Richard Karlovich Zommer

(Munich 1866 - Russia 1939)

Market Day

Genrikh Genrikhovich Schmidt

(German 1861 - 1922)

Outside the Mosque

Pierre Alexandrovich Parisot, called Ludoviki

(Paris 1750 - Moscow 1820)

Village Fête in the Environs of Tsarskoe Selo

Georgy Konstantinovich Savitsky

(St. Petersburg 1887 - Moscow 1949)

Carts Fording a River, Prilepa, Tula Oblast

Richard Karlovich Zommer

(Munich 1866 - Russia 1939)

Kirghiz on a Camel

Ulrihs Boitmanis

(Latvian, Nineteenth Century )

View of Riga

Jacob de Backer, Attributed to

(Antwerp 1555 - Antwerp 1585)

The Finding of Moses

Ludolph Backhuysen

(Emden 1631 - Amsterdam 1708)

Shipping by the Dutch Coast

School South Netherlandish

The Virgin and Child

Paul von Franken

(Bad Godesberg 1818 - Dusseldorf 1884)

A Landscape with a View over the Black Sea

Paul von Franken

(Bad Godesberg 1818 - Dusseldorf 1884)

A Mountainous Landscape with a Horseman by a Tower

Nicolaes Maes

(Dordrecht 1623 - Amsterdam 1693)

Portrait of a Gentleman, Three-Quarter Length, in a Brown Tunic with a Red Cloak in a Wooded Landscape, at Sunset

Abel Grimmer

(Antwerp 1570 - Antwerp 1618)

An Allegory of Summer

Thomas Heeremans

(Haarlem c. 1641 - Haarlem 1697)

A River Landscape with Figures outside a Tavern and Yachts Moored alongside Houses

Louis Léopold Boilly

(Lille 1761 - Paris 1845)

The Suitor’s Gift

Franz Alekseevich Roubaud

(Odessa 1856 - Munich 1928)

Study of a Cossack

Feodor Karlovich Burhardt

(St. Petersburg 1854 - 1918)

A Winter Landscape with a Troika on a Track

Stephanie von Strechine

(Odessa, Ukraine 1858 - Bad Töls, Germany 1940)

A Horseman on the Banks of the Dnestr River, Ukraine

Pyotr Petrovich Sokolov

(St. Petersburg 1821 - St. Petersburg 1899)

The Journey Home

Rudolf Kazimirovich Zhukovsky

(Russian 1814 - 1886)

A Gypsy Encampment

Balthasar van den Bossche

(Antwerp 1681 - Antwerp 1715)

An Artist’s Studio & A Nobleman’s Picture Gallery

Frederick Richard Lee

(Barnstable 1798 - London 1879)

Le Pont du Gard

Johannes Lingelbach

(Frankfurt 1622 - Amsterdam 1674)

The Battle of Lepanto

Nicholaes Berchem

(Haarlem 1620 - Amsterdam 1683)

Milkmaids and Shepherds with their Flock at the Mouth of a Grotto, a Drover Watering his Cattle Beyond

Pauwels Casteels

(Antwerp 1649 - Antwerp 1677)

Joshua Stopping the Sun

Alexei Vladimirovich Issupoff

(Viatka 1889 - Rome 1957)

Samarkand Market

Jan van Goyen

(Leiden 1596 - The Hague 1656)

A Wooded Landscape with Travellers by the Swan Inn and at another Inn Opposite

Pieter Neeffs The Elder

(Antwerp 1578 - Antwerp 1661)

The Interior of a Gothic Church with Elegant Company

Francesco Bassano II

(Bassano 1549 - Venice 1592)

Autumn, with Moses Receiving the Ten Commandments

Sebastiano Conca

(Gaeta 1680 - Naples 1764)

The Holy Family with the Infant Saint John the Baptist

Carle van Loo

(Nice 1705 - Paris 1765)

Bacchus and Ariadne

Sebastian Vrancx

(Antwerp 1573 - Antwerp 1647)

A Landscape with a Convoy on a Wooded Track under Attack

Giacomo Guardi

(Venice 1764 - Venice 1835)

A View of the Venetian Lagoon with the Island of San Giacomo di Paludo

Jacob Philipp Hackert

(Prenzlau 1737 - San Pietro di Careggi 1807)

The Volturno with the Ponte Margherita, near Caserta, with a Herdsman Resting and Peasants on a Path

Jacob Philipp Hackert

(Prenzlau 1737 - San Pietro di Careggi 1807)

Lake Nemi from the North, with the Town of Nemi and the Town of Genzano beyond, with a Donkey and Travellers on a Path in the Foreground

John Frederick Herring Jnr

(Doncaster 1815 - Doncaster 1907)

A Corner of the Farm

Nicholas Pocock

(Bristol 1741 - Maidenhead 1821)

The Burning of the Russian 74-gun Sewolod After she had been Engaged and Silenced by HMS Implacable, Captain T. Byam Martin, in the Baltic, 26 August, 1808