Paris Bordone Portrait of a Gentleman
Portrait of a Gentleman
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Paris Bordone ( Treviso 1500 - Venice 1571 )

Bordone entered the studio of Titian at the age of sixteen and had become an independent master within two years. However, he had left his master’s studio prematurely, as Titian apparently did not take kindly to the student who could imitate his style with such skill. The rift was so great that Titian took for himself Bordone’s first Venetian commission, the altarpiece of S Niccolò dei Frari in 1523. In addition to Titian (c. 1488/1490-1576), Bordone was also highly susceptible to the influence of Giorgione during the early stage of his career.

Having established his reputation in Venice, during the 1530s Bordone started to travel further afield for his commissions. He spent time in Fontainebleau, at the court of Francis I, and also had highly successful periods in Northern Italy, Bavaria and Poland.