Lambert Sustris Perseus and Andromeda
Perseus and Andromeda
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Lambert Sustris ( Amsterdam c.1510 - Venice c.1560 )

Lambert Sustris was trained in his native Amsterdam but moved to Italy in the early 1530s and, having visited Rome, is thought to have been in Titian’s studio in Venice by 1535. Sustris is documented in nearby Padua in 1543, and seems to have spent a number of years working in that city. During this period, he developed a highly original and sophisticated style, which led to him becoming one of the leading exponents of Mannerism in the Veneto. Later in the decade he travelled to Bavaria, probably with Titian. Although his movements after this period are uncertain, it is thought that he returned to work in Venice. His son Friedrich Sustris spent most of his career in Germany, and became a leading exponent of Mannerism there.