George Albert Frost Six Scenes from Siberian Villages
Six Scenes from Siberian Villages
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George Albert Frost ( Boston, Massachusetts 1843 - Cambridge, Massachusetts 1907 )

Geroge Albert Frost was born 23rd December 1843 in Boston, Massachusetts, and went on to become a prominent nineteenth century landscape artist. He spent his early career in North Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he kept a studio, however he did travel to Europe where he studied under Nicolas de Keyser at the Académie Royale de Belgique in Antwerp. Frost made two trips to Siberia, the first in 1867 was as a member of the British Columbia Exploring Expedition, with the purpose of selecting a route to connect a telephone line from San Francisco to Moscow (Russian-American telegraph). The results of his second trip with Kennan, in 1885, are evident in the present works. Frost died 13th November 1907.