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Abraham Blommaert ( Middelburg 1626 - Middelburg c.1675 )

Blommaert was born in 1626 in Middelburg, the capital of Zeeland. Like many of his colleagues, Blommaert pursued a second activity besides his profession as a painter, especially since the economic situation of many artists had deteriorated due to the outbreak of the war between England and the Netherlands in 1652. This economic struggle is evidenced by the fact that in 1675 he was summoned before the town treasurer of Middleburg to explain why he had not been paying property tax. Blommaert worked as a teacher, which accounts for the careful handwriting which also characterises his signature. This meticulousness is also revealed in his painting, particularly in the rendering of foliage and figural staffage in his landscapes. They provide evidence of the artist’s individual style, which is independent of any specific models, although the predominately Italianate landscapes reveal the influence of Flemish precursors.