Adolphe Josefovich Charlemagne The Road to Chernomor
The Road to Chernomor
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Adolphe Josefovich Charlemagne ( St. Petersburg 1826 - St. Petersburg 1901 )

Adolphe Josefovich Charlemagne was born in St. Petersburg in 1826, and is the younger brother of the artist Josef Josefovich Charlemagne. Like his sibling, he studied at the Imperial Academy of Arts from 1848, where he studied historic painting under Feodor Antonovich Bruni (1799-1875) and battle painting with Bogdan Pavlovich Villevalde (1818-1903). He spent the majority of his career working on official commissions which recorded the major events in the reign of Alexander II, and in 1875 was awarded the title of Artist of His Imperial Majesty.