Sergey Osipovich  Ovsyannikov A House in North Africa
A House in North Africa
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Sergey Osipovich Ovsyannikov ( Russian 1880 - 1937 )

Russian artist and architect Sergey Osipovich Ovsyannikov studied at the Academy in St. Petersburg from 1902 to 1909. He worked with the architect Nikolaevich Leonty Benois (1856-1928) to build the Exhibition wing of the Museum of Russian Art (1914-19). In 1916 he designed a vault for the burial of officers killed in World War I for the Cathedral of the Transfiguration in St. Petersburg, but the project was never realised. In 1918 he was engaged on Agitprop decorations at the Anichkov Bridge in St. Petersburg. Ovsyannikov was a member of the Petrograd Society of Artists.