Henri  Duvieux Constantinople
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Henri Duvieux ( Paris 1855 - 1882 )

Duvieux was born in 1855 in Paris. He entered his artistic studies as a student of Marilhat and after his debut at the Paris Salon in 1880 he continued to depict representations of Venice and Constantinople throughout his career. Other paintings based on Venice were Le Grand Canal a Venise (The Grand Canal at Venice), Coucher de Soleil a Venise (Sun Setting, Venice), and Panorama avec Voiliers et Gondoles a Venise (Venetian Panorama with Sailboats and Gondolas). His other paintings of Constantinople include Vue de Constantinople au Soleil Couchant (View of Constantinople with the Sun Setting).

Duvieux was influenced by the considerable nineteenth-century interest in Orientalism but he chose to concentrate his interest on landscapes and architecture and the effect of differing conditions of light in relation to them. He followed up his 1880 Salon debut by showing Campement Arabe (Arab Encampment) in 1882, which also marked his final appearance at the Salon. His paintings proved popular, striking a note with the considerable audience to whom this type of imagery appealed, acting as a memento of their travels