Konstantin Nikolaevich Filippov Imperial Convoy
Imperial Convoy
Konstantin Nikolaevich Filippov Travellers in a Caucasian Landscape
Travellers in a Caucasian Landscape
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Konstantin Nikolaevich Filippov ( 1830 - Yalta, Crimea 1878 )

Konstantin Filippov was a painter of battle-pieces and genre scenes. He graduated from the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts in 1858 and was sent to the Russian army as the regular painter, to depict the scenes of the Crimean war against the Turks.

He lived and worked in Warsaw, Rome and Paris before returning to Russia in 1863. He was appointed the title of academician for the large scale painting Flight of Bulgarians from the Danube River with Retreat of Russian Army from Silistriya in 1865.

Konstantin Filippov spent the rest of his life on the south beach of Crimea, and his most famous works are Italian Forge, The Race on Donkeys in Tivoli, Italian Old Man with Donkey, Rams Caught by the Storm, Crimean Steppe.

Filippov is represented in the following collections: State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow; Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow, amongst others..