Alexander Alekseevich Borisov Encampment in the Snow
Encampment in the Snow
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Alexander Alekseevich Borisov ( Vologda Oblast 1866 - Arkhangelsk Oblast 1934 )

Borisov was born into a peasant family in Vologda Oblast, on 2 November, 1866. His artistic career began as an icon painter for the Solovetskii monastery. In 1888 he was accepted as a student at the Imperial Academy of Arts where he studied under the guidance of two great Russian painters, Kuindzhi and Ivan Shishkin. Borisov lived in St. Petersburg until 1909 before moving to Arkhangelsk Oblast where he died in August 1934. During his lifetime Borisov exhibited at the Imperial Academy of Arts, the Moscow Society of Lovers of Art and also with the Peredvizhinki, or ‘The Wanderers’. He held a series of solo exhibitions at St. Petersburg, Vologda, Veliky Ustyug, Moscow as well as in cities abroad. The Borisov Museum in Arkhangelsk is devoted to Borisov and his tireless dedication to opening up the Arctic to artistic representation through his expeditions to Russia's Far North.

Borisov is represented in the following collections: Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow; State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, amongst others.