Ivan Andreevich Ivanov Evening Riverscape with Fishermen
Evening Riverscape with Fishermen
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Ivan Andreevich Ivanov ( Moscow 1812 - St. Petersburg 1848 )

Ivanov was born in Moscow. He trained at the Imperial Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. In 1817, he entered the service of the Academy as a supervisor of drawing classes. He received several imperial commissions, including four views of Tsarskoe Selo in 1827. He also executed views of St. Petersburg, producing engravings after watercolours by V.S. Sadonikov (1800-1879) in 1830, including part of his panorama of the Nevsky Prospekt, published in St. Petersburg in 1830-35. Ivanov worked in oil, pencil and watercolour, but was mainly an engraver and produced at least thirty-three plates. He received the title of Academician in 1829, and died in St. Petersburg in 1848.