Mikhail Pelopidovich Lattry Harbour Scene
Harbour Scene
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Mikhail Pelopidovich Lattry ( Odessa, Ukraine 1875 - Paris 1941 )

Painter, graphic artist, ceramist. Ayvazovsky's grandson, his first impression of art was derived from his grandfather's painting. Studied at Petersburg Academy of Arts since 1896 until 1902, and the class of landscape painting under Kuindzhi A.I. Then at school of arts in Munich under Holloshi and Ferri-Shchmidt. Since 1902 participated in the Spring exhibitions of Petersburg Academy of Arts and Viennese Secession, since 1912 -a participant of exhibitions, conducted at "World of Art” association in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev. Was one of the founders of Artists new society in Petersburg. In the beginning of 1900-th became a manager of Feodosia picture gallery. In 1920 he moved to Greece and worked for the Athenian plant "Keramikos". Since 1924 lived in Paris, devoted himself to applied and decorative arts and painting. In 1935 in Rheims was conducted his exhibition of personal collection. Lattry's early works were much influenced by Ayvazovsky I." Painting. M.P. Lattry’s best works are devoted to Crimea, including, architectural and sea landscapes.