Georgy Konstantinovich Savitsky Carts Fording a River, Prilepa, Tula Oblast
Carts Fording a River, Prilepa, Tula Oblast
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Georgy Konstantinovich Savitsky ( St. Petersburg 1887 - Moscow 1949 )

Savitsky was the son of the famous Russian realist painter, Konstantin Apollonovich Savitsky (1844-1905), one of the leading figures in nineteenth-century Russian painting and a member of the influential Peredvizhniki group. Georgy’s initial training was with his father, before he enrolled in the important Penza Art School from 1908 to 1915. He was one of the best pupils in an outstanding generation, and he graduation picture, depicting the death of King Priam, earned him scholarship to travel.

Savitsky’s early career was dominated by his equestrian works, many of which today can be found in the State Equestrian Museum in Moscow. However, he very quickly became a key figure in the new Soviet regime’s cultural drive, initially helping to design the celebrations of revolutionary holidays. He also started to paint battle pictures, depicting revolutionary history and the Soviet way of life. He was a key member of the AKhRR, the leading artistic movement in Russia during the 1920’s, and also worked as an illustrator and poster designer, in the promotion of the Soviet regime.