Petr Petrovich  Vereschagin St. Olav’s Church, Reval (Tallinn), Estonia
St. Olav’s Church, Reval (Tallinn), Estonia
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Petr Petrovich Vereschagin ( Perm 1834 - St.Petersburg 1886 )

Like his brother Vasiliy, Peter Vereshchagin obtained his initial artistic formation from his family. They both continued their studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in St Petersburg (1858-1865). However, the brothers were noticeably distinguished by their artistic interests. Peter Petrovich Vereshchagin is noted for, first of all, his landscapes. After leaving the Academy he worked as a teacher and created many works. His topograghical works of cities or their characteristic places (Revel's form from Kadriorga, 1864; Form of Dinaburga, 1867; Market in the lower of Novgorode, 1867; Form of Kremlya, 1868) brought him official acknowledgement, which was expressed in the promotion of the artist to the second, and then first degree, and also to an academician of landscape painting (1873), as well as a growing reputation. After his withdrawal from teaching work he spent much time travelling and painting the forms of the Caucasus (Sukhum- Calais), of Crimea (Form of Sevastopol from the side of Malakhova kurgana), The Urals (River Is Chusovaya Red stone), and the northwest of Russia. During the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878 he joined the acting army and painted a number of pictures, without changing his preference for views and landscapes, usually connected with the Danube.