Baron Josef Berres  Perez, von Kalmyk Wedding
Kalmyk Wedding
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Baron Josef Berres Perez, von ( Lemberg 1821 - Vienna 1912 )

Joseph Berres, Baron von Perez was a professional soldier until the age of 45 when he resigned as Major General of the Austrian army. Until this point he was actively involved in numerous military engagements.

His long-time interest in painting also led to friendships with several painters, such as Bertalan Szekely and Mihaly Munkacsy. Between 1866-1869 he studied with Karl Theodor von Piloty at the Munich Academy. He travelled to Hungary on several occasions as well as undertaking an extensive journey to Russia, in particular to the Volga- and Caucasus regions. In 1871 he became a member of the Vienna “Künstlerhaus”.