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Kiriak Konstantinovich Kostandi (Dofinovka1852 - Odessa1921)

Kiriak Konstantinovich Kostandi was a Ukrainian painter. He studied at the Drawing School within the Odessa Association of Fine Arts (1870-1874) and then at the St. Petersburg Arts Academy (1874-1882) under P.P. Chistiakov and M.K. Klodt. According to the advice of I.N. Kramskoy and A.I. Kuindzhi he traveled to Europe in 1887, where he was influenced by the French impressionists. From 1885 he lived and worked in Odessa. From 1897 he was a member of the Peredvizhniki, the ‘Association of travelling art exhibitions’, also known as the Wanderers. Depicting primarily scenes from village life, the Ukrainian representatives of the Peredvizhniki, such as Kyriak Kostandi, Ilia Repin, or Mykola Pymonenko, worked in realist and naturalist styles. He was also one of the founders of the Southern Russia Painters Association from 1890, and from 1892-1919 acted as a chairman of the organisation.

From 1885 he taught at the Odessa Arts School. After the Revolution he worked as an expert of the local Commission for the Protection of Historical Monuments, helping to reorganise the Fine Arts Museum. In 1922 the friends and pupils of the painter (I.I. Brodsky, P.G. Volokidin, M.B. Grekov, A.A. Shovkunenko and others) founded the K.K. Kostandi Association in order to unite the painters of traditionalist and modernist orientations, which existed until 1930.