Hugo Knorr - Sunset from Königsberg (now Kaliningrad)
Sunset from Königsberg (now Kaliningrad)
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Hugo Knorr (Königsberg in Bayern 1834 - Karlsruhe 1904)

Knorr worked primarily as a landscape painter and, in addition to his views of his native Königsberg, he also travelled widely in Norway, capturing that country’s natural beauty. At the age of eighteen Knorr joined the noted Königsberg Academy of Arts where he worked alongside fellow student Carl Scherrer (1833-1923), who was also a landscape painter. He travelled to Norway in 1861 and painted many views of that country’s mountains, forests and lakes. His work became notable for the monumentality granted to relatively simple landscapes. In 1975 Knorr became a Professor at the Polytechnic Institute in Karlsruhe, and he settled in that city for the remainder of his life.